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In 2017, Microsoft stop the development of Skype version 7 at build number & renamed it to lớn Skype Classic. Today, Skype classic 7.40 is an old version of the messaging app, but many people consider it as the best release to lớn date. The new Skype 8 has a fresh và flat kiến thiết that comes in-line with the Windows 10 UI concepts. However, some chất lượng features that people are enjoying in Skype Classic are not present in the lakiểm tra Skype. If you are a person who still prefers the old version of the software, download Skype classic 7.40 or 7.41, below.

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Remember, the message “Update Skype Today” will appear again if you log-out of the Skype in Classic 7.41 version.

Update on February 2020: Sorry lớn insize all readers that none of the tricks are working now to lớn re-enable Skype Classic. Please kiểm tra tochuchoinghi.net, for more about upgrading khổng lồ new Skype và it’s alternatives.

Downloading Skype Classic for Linux.

Ubuntu and other Linux users may choose Snapd to install và tăng cấp Skype Classic và Skype 8.0 easily. We are preparing a guide on installing Skype on Linux platforms. In the meantime you may visit www.snapcraft.io/core/install for instructions.

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Skype Classic 7.40 and 7.41 MSI installers

As of now, Microsoft did not announce any plans khổng lồ issue an MSI installer for Skype version 8 và above sầu. So if you are a system administrator planning khổng lồ deploy Skype lớn computers in a network using MSI file, you would need to rely on Skype Classic at this time. Thankfully Microsoft has updated the MSI installer for Skype Classic to 7.41.

Download Skype Classic MSI: Click here, and MSI Cliông xã hereNote: Skype linked above sầu is the only working MSI file.

Run Skype Classic without installation: tải về portable USB installer

Want lớn take the best version of Skype always with you? Get the Skype Classic portable. This edition of Skype can work from a USB. Hence, it is suitable for school and college students when their system admin disables installation of software. We have updated the liên kết khổng lồ add Skype Classic portable installer, which is the only usable version.

Download Skype Classic Portable for USB: Cliông xã here.

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Once you tải về the zip file above sầu, extract the contents to lớn a folder và transfer it khổng lồ a USB or pen drive sầu. Double-cliông chồng on Skype ibé within the folder whenever you need lớn run the app. No installation is required for opening Skype Classic 7.36 portable.

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