Tải Minecraft PE miễn phí, Download Minecraft PE apk 2021

Many did not expect such an early release Minecraft 1.10, but the guys from Mojang decided to lớn make it pretty quickly, và now you can watch for new items, new mobs.

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Speaking of the origin of the name, many fans thought it would be version 2.0, allegedly after 1.9 should go it, but the developers apparently not agreed that this is the best version. Besides, there is a comic publishing 2.0, maybe the players could confuse version và download online wrong. So know, instead of 2 và 0 need lớn download Minecraft 1.10.

First I want to lớn introduce a new zombie Husk. Which can be found only in tropical biomes, that is, for example, in a desert biome. This is the only zombie in the game, which does not burn in the sun. Now even during the day it is dangerous to lớn roam the world! And also, when hitting, the player is superimposed the effect of hunger.

The night in winter biomes can meet new skeleton on which a lot of ripped clothes. The name of it - Stray. Shoots ice arrows, that after death can it dropnode.

In the winter biomes appeared polar bears, there are kids và adults. No need to come cthua to lớn an adult bear, he immediately attacks you, although it is considered a neutral mob. From it drops the fish, & several kinds.

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In hell there are three new bloông chồng. The magma unit can be seen in the photo lớn below. Can be found near lava lakes, if you step on a block, you will take damage. Can be crafted from four pieces of the lava cream.

The next block is a decorative bloông chồng called a hell of a damper. He has no special functions, only if used in any buildings. As the name suggests, that can be crafted from a hell of a damper.

Another decorative sầu blochồng straight from hell - hellish Red briông xã. Can be crafted using two pieces of hell of brick and two pieces of the infernal growth.

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And the last decorative bloông chồng in 1.10, it blocks the bones. They can be found in the new structure - a giant bone, which may represent different types of bones: skull, rib cage and more.

This update is really not worse than many others, because love sầu is something new. Therefore we recommend!

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