Twhl maps and mods for half

Named trò chơi of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve"s début title blends action and adventure with award-winning công nghệ to lớn create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to lớn survive sầu. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends và enemies around the world.quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Half

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Blaông chồng Ops Redux + Lost in Blachồng Mesa (Two Mods) (Original Versions)10hours agoFull Version 4 comments

(For Xash3 chiều Half-Life Only) - Special Thanks to darthmarsden who tried lớn upload the archives in the first place, & for providing these archives as...

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Demo 4Jun 17 2021Half-Life: Space Dynamic Escapee Demo

The Demo 4 of the mod features 9 maps for you to lớn play! 7 maps in the official storyline 1 map as a tutorial (work in progress) 1 map as an outdated showcase...


ESHQ 11.1 / archiveJun 16 2021ESHQ Full Version

Complete deployment package for ESHQ hack version 11.1 as an archive



Half-Life: Xen-Warrior (Full Version) (Patched)Jun 15 2021Half-Life: Xen-Warrior Full Version

Please refer to lớn the ZIP. Archive"s README Files, khổng lồ see the changelog và credits. To get installing instructions, press this --

Shift-Two (Full Version) (Patched)Jun 15 2021Full Version

Full & patched version of the Shift-Two mod. Refer lớn the README.TXT tệp tin inside of the ZIPhường., lớn see the changes. For installing instructions, cliông chồng...

Expansion PackJun 15 2021Half-Stupid Full Version

worst "mod" combines with Updown and Pillager Force.

c1a0m2Jun 15 2021half-life 1 OverRunned Full Version

this version is up khổng lồ date extremly update V8.1 but not finished only 1 trùm cuối in map

The Luông chồng Tester ReleaseJun 14 2021The Luchồng Tester Full Version

The hack... What else is there lớn say?

Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours Multiplayer v2.5.1 (REQUIRES 2.5)Jun 14 2021Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours Multiplayer Patch

This is the 2.5.1 patch of ZAMNHLMPhường. for 2.5, including many long-awaited changes! THIS REQUIRES INSTALLING VERSION 2.5 FIRST!!! Cliông chồng "Read more" for...

CS 1.6 Weapons in Half Life 1Jun 14 2021Demo 2 comments

Here is CS 1.6 Weapons in Half-Life 1.Iknoww its bad but i will fix in feature.Have sầu fun

Joompy 2.0Jun 12 2021Full Version

The new Joompy 2.0 providing a new multitude of features và IMPROVEMENTS!

Half-Stupid: UpdownJun 11 2021Half-Stupid Demo

The test of Half-Stupid the first successful Half-Life gian lận.

Half-Stupid 1.3 BetaJun 10 2021Half-Stupid Full Version

Biggest Changes... new update... new version......

Trials V2Jun 8 2021Half-Life:Trials Demo 2 comments

An updated version of the first chạy thử. This would probably have been the demo that was supposed khổng lồ be released instead of the one bachồng in november of last...

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Uplinked v1.1Jun 6 2021Uplinked Full Version 5 comments HLywoodJun 6 2021HLywood Full Version

A Map utilizing sounds from various movies. Original by Atom & slayera. Return of original background - patched by freeman12393. freeman12393 didn"t...

dof build (archive)Jun 6 2021Depth of Field Full Version

don"t play this its one of my old trash mods i found it in my drive

Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours Multiplayer v2.5 (+ Aura 1.0 SDK)Jun 5 2021Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours Full Version

ZAMNHLMP is the best hectic multiplayer experience for Half-Life you will get. Cliông chồng "Read more" lớn see the changelog.

3RD505THJun 4 20213RD505TH Full Version

Abstract mod/single bản đồ, alleged to lớn be by a USMC member. I managed lớn fix this hack, & now it should run normally. Please press "Read more..." for more...

Uplinked with sample.wadJun 4 2021Uplinked Full Version

Download Uplinked v1.1 instead for fixes and improvements.

Half-Life: Gerard BetaJun 4 2021Half-Life: Gerard Demo

- Improved part 1- Added part 2- Improved visuals

Azure Sheep (Full Version) (Steam Fixed)Jun 4 2021Full Version 9 comments

Patched & repacked version of Half-Life gian lận called Azure Sheep from 2001. I sadly wasn"t able to lớn add this fix lớn the original page on, because...

Life"s End (Full Version) (Steam Fixed)Jun 2 2021Life"s End Full Version

This is a repaông chồng plus fix for Steam of a 2005 Half-Life gian lận. I don"t take any credit for the mod, but I do take credit for the fix. For more details press...

Sweet Half-Life (Full Version) (Patched)May 30 2021Sweet Half-Life Full Version 4 comments

This is a repack (plus fix) version of the iconic and interesting Half-Life mod called Sweet Half-Life (sorry if it seems like too much praising.) If...

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ESHQ update to v 11.0bMay 30 2021ESHQ Patch

ESHQ mod “padding” update to lớn v 11.0b (not required for deployment)

ESHQ backward compatibility for v 10May 30 2021ESHQ Patch

Backward compatibility package for ESHQ thủ thuật v 10.x

ESHQ 11 / archiveMay 30 2021ESHQ Full Version

Complete ESHQ gian lận version 11 deployment package as archive

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