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Alright so this may sound stupid, but for the life of me I cannot find the tải về button for Game Maker: Studio, only a download for Studio 2.0. Could anyone either confirm it's not only me, or send me a liên kết lớn the download?


Know I'm late, but in case you're still wondering:

YoYo Games said previously that Studio would become unavailable khổng lồ anyone who did not have a Studio license already when GMS2 releases (probably lớn draw more business to lớn buying GMS2 and to lớn limit/remove the need for support on GMS).

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Since GMS2 just hit full release, it's likely GMS is now unavailable if you haven't downloaded/used it before. If you have sầu used it before, the tải về links should be in your Licenses page of your YoYo trương mục.

If you were just looking for hobby game-making (not planning on a full release, just for fun type game making only) GMS2 has a free trial that should suffice. But GMS might be unavailable for you now.

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Hope that helps or at least clears up any confusion.

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