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Dynasty Warriors 6 (真・三國無双5 Shin Sangoku Musōu 5) is a haông chồng và slash đoạn Clip game phối in Ancient China, during a period called Three Kingdoms (around 200AD). This game is the sixth official installment in the Dynasty Warriors series, developed by Omega Force & published by Koei. The game was released on November 11, 2007 in Japan; the North American release was February 19, 2008 while the Europe release date was March 7, 2008. A version of the game was bundled with the 40GB PlayStation 3 in Japan. Dynasty Warriors 6 was also released for Windows in July 2008. A version for PlayStation 2 was released on October và November 2008 in nhật bản and North America respectively. An expansion, titled Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires was unveiled at the 2008 Tokyo trò chơi Show and released in May 2009.

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This installment varies greatly from past games in the series. One of the game"s key additions is the Renbu system, a new way for characters lớn build up their attaông xã combos. In previous installments in the series, combos were affected by the unique of weapon the character was wielding, with more powerful weapons allowing characters longer, more elaborate & often more powerful consecutive attacks. The Renbu system replaces this system with a gauge that gradually fills as you perform attacks. Performing attacks & dealing damage to the enemy fills the Renbu gauge, eventually earning a new rank/level, while taking damage & not attacking for a time drops the gauge; if you take a lot of damage or go for a long time without inflicting damage then the gauge may even drop baông xã down to the previous level. However even at Renbu Rank 1 characters will be able khổng lồ perform non-ending combos on the enemy. Without unlocking Renbu Ranks 3 & Infinite from the skill tree though, players can only progress to lớn Renbu Rank 2 (with the exception of the temporary Rank Infinity acquired temporarily by collecting a certain thành công on the battlefield).

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Another major addition is the skill tree, from which characters can earn higher Renbu Ranks, special abilities and improve their attributes. As the progression of the skill tree moves from left to right, those on the right side of the tree are harder khổng lồ unloông xã than those on the left. Typically the one which unlocks Infinite Renbu is on the farthest right.

Unique movesets for each character have been largely reduced. Only characters who have Musou Mode receive original movesets (with the exception of Diao Chan); the rest of the characters playable only in Free Mode have cloned movesets based on the Musou Mode characters with altered properties (with the exception of Xiao Qiao, who retains her tín đồ moveset). Due to the addition of Renbu system, the traditional "fourth weapon" from previous games have sầu been removed with the three normal weapons no longer being quality-based. Each weapons obtained have sầu random stats và effects implemented and the "weight system" from previous game have sầu been replaced by weapon categories; Standard (mặc định type), Strength (greater attaông chồng power at the cost of Renbu Gauge being kept for a smaller amount of time), and Skill (greater attaông xã tốc độ with low attaông xã power). In addition to lớn the new weapon system, it is now possible to blochồng from any direction, for example, if a character is attacked from behind while blocking, they will rotate their toàn thân with their weapon in front of them to lớn guard against the enemy"s attaông xã. This eliminates the need khổng lồ quickly stop blocking, change direction, and press the guard button again. Unlike previous games, horses can be found by obtaining saddles randomly dropped from boxes or beaten officers. These horses can gain levels, skills, và some can even change into the legendary Red Hare, although this is very rare.

Musou Token which enables the use of Musou Rage have sầu been removed. It is instead replaced by Tome công trình drop which allows the use of quality special attacks. There are five sầu types of attacks; Swift Attachồng (increases the player"s stats), Volley (launches waves of arrows), Fire (sets eruptions of fire), True Speed (boosts the player"s speed), và Rockfall (launches giant boulders from above).

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Dueling from Dynasty Warriors 4 returns, but has been revamped; duels now take place on the battlefield & the nearby soldiers will circle around the two fighters, & other officers may jump into lớn the circle, as opposed khổng lồ the duel taking place in an aremãng cầu that appears out of nowhere.

Bases have been altered too; they are bigger & where, before, in order khổng lồ open the outer gate lớn a base, the player had lớn defeat a defense captain, now they must simply break it down with attacks. There is also a new corporal unit which guards bases. Defeating troops và corporals within the base reduces the base"s defense. When the defense of the base drops lớn zero, the player has claimed the base. However, defeating the corporal is worth defeating 20 troops while defeating the guard captain will automatically capture the base.

Two new "innovations" khổng lồ the series are the abilities lớn swyên and climb ladders. The ladder means that the player can now climb onto castle battlements in scenargame ios such as the Battle of Hu Lao Gate, & dispose of enemy ballistas and the new "guard" unit. The first ties in with the improvements to lớn enemy AI, allowing them lớn travel across rivers and other bodies of water in order to attachồng you or allied bases. Swimming is now a part of scenargame ios such as the Battle of Fan Castle.


The Xbox 360 và PlayStation 3 versions of the game received "mixed" Review & the PlayStation 2 version received "unfavorable" Review, according to lớn Clip game reviews aggregator Metacritic. In nhật bản, Famitsu gave the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions a score of one eight, one nine, and two eights for a total of 33 out of 40.

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GameSpot nominated Dynasty Warriors 6 for "least improved sequel" in their 2008 award show.

Ryan Clements of IGN said of the Xbox 360 version, "Dynasty Warriors 6 is not a good looking game, và it performs even worse on the PS3 than on the 360 (even when you opt lớn install the game data)." He did note that "Dynasty Warriors 6 does have sầu a number of cool things to note. The amount of leveling up you can vày is fairly impressive sầu and each character"s chiến dịch takes at least a few hours to work through, providing you with quite a lot of nội dung (despite the repetition)."

Amanda L. Kondolojy of CheatCodeCentral gave the game one of its better Review, scoring it at 3.4/5. Kondolojy enjoyed the game, saying that "One aspect of Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires that was surprisingly fun to lớn tinker with was the character creator. Although DW5 Empires had a warlord creator, DW6 Empires gives you more creative sầu control over your newly-made character. In addition to lớn having a wide variety of costumes and customizable features, you can also integrate your character inkhổng lồ the main Empire mode as a vagrant, & can work your way up khổng lồ become leader of the lvà."

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