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Sony has launched the SRS-XB31 – their portable speaker with Extra Bass. Their focus on extra bass definitely tells you that it is suited for events lượt thích house parties. Speaking of parties, it has các buổi party lights which is a line of lights around the front surface. These can change colours too, as well as blink. The speaker is a breeze lớn connect, especially since it has NFC. I just tapped my phone on the speaker, & within a few seconds it was connected.

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The App:

Before I tell you about the sound, let me tell you about the app. It is the Sony Music Centre tiện ích that can bởi a lot of things và I was exploring the various features lượt thích a kid.

The app is not mandatory to lớn listen to lớn music through the speaker. You can just connect it via bluetooth & you’re good lớn go.

Let me start with some details relating to the music experience. When you go to the “Sound Mode” settings in the phầm mềm, you will see 3 presets. The first one is the “standard” where you get pretty basic kind of a sound. The bass is still higher than most speakers around, but not exorbitant.

The next one is “Extra Bass” prephối. When you switch lớn this mode, you really make sense of the “Extra Bass” that Sony has been advertising about everywhere. There is no doubt that the bass in this mode is really high, & the SRS-XB31 would be making waves (almost literally. Read more about it later in this article).

The third mode was perhaps my favourite. It was called “Live Sound”. In this mode, though the bass isn’t as high, the sound is just superb khổng lồ hear. It is as if someone was singing live, & gives a feel like you’re in an auditorium where the artist is performing for you. When I’m not looking for the “Extra Bass”, this would surely be my choice of prephối.


Apart from the presets, the tiện ích also allows you to change the bass, treble, and the middle individually as per your liking.

When you go to the “Lighting Mode” setting, there you will see dozens of colours lớn choose from. There is also a strobe that flashes intermittently which adds on to the các buổi party effect. You can choose to lớn turn off the strobe as well as the tiệc nhỏ lights if you don’t want them.

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Now let me tell you about my favourite feature of this app. This SRS-XB31 can beatbox! When you select “tiệc ngọt booster” from the app settings, and turn it on, the speaker makes a sound when you hit it with your palm. There are sensors in the speaker, and this works for all sides of the speaker (except the back). You can change the sound for all the sides individually. There are about 15 different sounds lượt thích various drums, bells, beats, etc. và I found this to be a really cool feature.


Here are the download links for iOS and Android.

The Sound:

The Sony SRS XB31 definitely has very good bass. It is definitely loud, và more than enough for something like a tiệc nhỏ at your house or in your backyard. The various presets and the options khổng lồ change the settings through the app allows you khổng lồ get the best from the speaker. For those who lượt thích really high bass, the SRS-XB31 will definitely impress. Even for the others, the presets lượt thích the “Live sầu Sound” will surely make the speaker live up lớn their expectation.

Battery và other features:

The speaker boasts a battery life of about 24 hours which is impressive. We used it for about 11 hours và there was still about 50% battery left, so we can believe sầu that it lasts for that long.

It also includes a USB (DC out) port so that you can charge your phone if it is running out of juice.

The “Party Chain” allows you to connect 100 of these speakers together via bluetooth & the music and lights sync up. This is achieved by using the physical buttons behind the speaker that are labelled WPC (wireless tiệc nhỏ chain) & Địa Chỉ.

The speaker also has a BATT button which tells you the battery percentage via audio.

 The speaker weighs about 900gms which is pretty good considering the kind of sound output that it delivers. 

The Sony SRS-XB31 is available in 5 colours – red, yellow, blue, trắng, & blaông chồng.

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Last, but not the least, the speaker is rated IP67, so it is dustproof as well as waterproof. It can not only be washed, but also submerged in water, without causing it any harm. On that note, we have a little Clip that made waves that we mentioned earlier in this article.

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