Search manager là gì Search Ads helps people discover your app when they search on the App Store, matching customers with your ứng dụng right when they’re looking.

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At, we believe that advertising can play a positive role for both businesses & people. This is why we’ve sầu built a platkhung that delivers industry-leading performance & value for advertisers, while ensuring an experience that customers love & trust.

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People build new relationships. Bumble builds new markets.

Search Ads

Choose the option that works for you.

Try Search Ads for không tính tiền with a 100 USD credit.*


Simply powerful.

Set your goals. Set your budget. Find your audience.

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Get a tìm kiếm results ad running in just a few easy steps. Intelligent automation helps maximize your results. Pay only for downloads at a cost you choose. Quick-view dashboard lets you track performance.


Your expertise.Our công nghệ.

Get more control over your campaigns & how you define your audiences.

Two placement options let you promote your ứng dụng on the Search tab or at the top of search results. Choose your audiences and set your own bids. Improve sầu performance with personalized recommendations. Measure value và manage at scale using our APIs.

* Eligible developers who sign up for Search Ads will have a 100 USD credit applied to their new account. Full terms và conditions apply.


1. Source: App Store data from all Search Ads countries and regions in 20đôi mươi.


2. Source: Search Ads tìm kiếm results data from all available countries & regions in 20trăng tròn.