Free screen recorder no root for android

There’s a growing trover for screen recording, popular with gamers who want khổng lồ show off their prowess, those who wish lớn make tutorial videos, & developers when creating their apps. These are just a few of the reasons you might want to screen record on your Android device, và there are plenty more. Android 5.0 Lollipop introduces the native sầu screen-recording without the need to lớn root your device. But, there are now many third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ Screen Recorder apps that add more functions.

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Which is the best screen recorder app?

Here are our recommendations for the best app android screen recorder apps khổng lồ make screen recording easier & effortless. These apps also offer more options, like doing some light Clip editing, trimming, và more.

Default Screen Recorder oiption

If you need basic screen recording without other features, then the native sầu screen recording on game android is the quiông xã solution. You can access the option by pulling down the notification panel và find the recording button on quichồng settings. Just tap on the button, and it will start recording whatever on display. Many custom android ROMs also come with a built-in recording feature. So, this is the first place you might look at it.

AZ Screen Recorder (No Root)


AZ Screen Recorder is our top choice for scene recording on apk. It’s an effortless Video Recorder, lets you Livestream và vày more stuff. It’s packed full of features such as setting video clip resolution from 240p khổng lồ 1080p, setting bit-rate, no watermarking, saving directory selection, and a customized timer. A notable addition is the ability to lớn pause & resume while recording. Furthermore, it has the ability khổng lồ record audio from the mic and mix it inlớn the videos. The built-in video editing tools và image editing tools let you produce professional-unique clips.It’s không tính tiền lớn download, has no time limit. You can choose lớn tăng cấp khổng lồ the pro version that brings include a magic button feature, a front-camera overlay window, drawing on the screen, & more. In short, AZ Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder phầm mềm you can get right away.
ADV Screen Recorder is another popular option for screen recording on apk. It has a clean, user-friendly interface & works without rooting your phone. The tiện ích has two recording engines (either default or advanced), pause recording (advanced engine only), drawing on the screen as you go, & input from the front or rear camera. You can also mix banners & text with customization, trlặng videos, and more.One impressive sầu option is the ability to use both front & rear cameras while recording, which lets users be more creative sầu in making nội dung or using AR apps.
Download ADV Screen Recorder
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Mobizen Screen Recorder

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Mobizen Screen Recorder tiện ích works without root, and the user-friendliness makes it easy lớn recommend. It’s a swift process khổng lồ start recording your videos for screen recording in Full HD with a 12.0 Mbps bit rate & 60 fps. You can save sầu the recordings to lớn an external SD card without any watermark. Additionally, it comes with a FaceCam feature for recording your voice và reactions while streaming games. The phầm mềm includes various editing features such as tryên, cut, and more. It’s all free to use but has some ads which are removable with in-app purchases.

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Download Mobizen Screen Recorder

DU Recorder

Price: Free with ads
DU Recorder is one of the oldest & best screen recording apps with extremely high user ratings and is entirely không tính tiền to use. It has an appealing user interface with support for over 20 languages, & there are no ads, no recording time limits, & no rooting required.It all worked smoothly in the time we spent using the built-in video clip editor with a multitude of possibilities, image editing, GIF maker, shake gesture to lớn stop the recording, alternative sầu storage location to either SD thẻ or internal storage, và external recording sound. It has a floating window or notification bar to lớn control screen recording that can be easily hidden, và you can Livestream lớn Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.
Download DU Recorder

Google Play Games

Price: Free
Google Play Games may not be the first phầm mềm that springs khổng lồ mind for screen recording on apk, but if your main requirement concerns gaming, it could work well. The ứng dụng does include a gameplay recording functionality, with games being launched straight from the tiện ích and then recorded. Of course, the ứng dụng also includes other gaming aspects, such as creating a bạn protệp tin, challenges, leaderboards, & built-in Google Games.

Twitch is the gold standard of streaming live gaming that is hugely popular among mỏi hundreds of millions of games. The Twitch điện thoại tiện ích lets you stream gameplay as you vị on PC. After the streaming session, you can download the recorded footage & save it. The drawbaông xã is unlượt thích Google Play Games; it works for games only. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for games, và it’s không lấy phí.


ScreenCam Screen Recorder is an open-source project, so you can voluntarily contribute lớn the developers if you wish or obtain the source code from their website. As well as screen recording for devices running Android 5.0 or later (right up to 1440 x 2560 at 30 fps), you can record audio khổng lồ add to lớn your videos. It works on no rooted device; however, you can also record internal audio with root access.On newer Android phones, you can seamlessly pause or restart the recording và use the ứng dụng shortcut. Alternatively, you can use an tiện ích shortcut from a custom launcher, and another bonus is that there are no pesky ads to get in the way.
Download ScreenCam

Screen Recorder

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screen Recorder app enables screen recording with a resolution from 240p to lớn 1080p, plus it has a screenshot capture option as well. You can save your videos to any location, including an SD thẻ. It also includes tư vấn for facecam, the time delay before recording, a video trimmer, magic button, mic recording, day/night theme tư vấn, & the ability to insert text or biệu tượng công ty lớn recordings.

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Download Screen Recorder

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Rec. is another powerful Screen Recorder phầm mềm that works without root access. This is a streamlined phầm mềm with configurable screen recording functionality. It offers all basic functions for không lấy phí. But the pro version lets you record up to an hour, including audio, with no wasting time sitting in front of a PC, save preferred configurations as presets, & automatically show screen touches throughout the recording.The nâng cấp also offers a customizable countdown timer và a shake gesture to turn off the recording. Keep in mind that the developer notes it doesn’t play nicely with some Samsung Exynos-based devices, so you might want khổng lồ read the phầm mềm description for detail.
When selecting which of these apps khổng lồ try out, you should consider your personal requirements & which features you might be particularly looking for. Our picks of the best screen recorder apps for Android cover a range of features, so hopefully, you will find something khổng lồ suit your needs. Could you recommover which of the above screen recording apps are your favorites by leaving a comment?
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