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Recorded at the Berklee College of Music, and packaged into a lightweight package for Mac or PC and for the full version of Kontakt, this piano could well set the standard in realistic piano VST instruments.

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Upright No. 1 features three velođô thị layers and is sampled in round-robin, meaning there are multiple samples for the same note to lớn reduce repetition. Despite the layers of sampling on show here, it won’t tax the hard drive sầu as much as some virtual pianos, requiring about 250MB.

This particular piano has been recorded with two wide, cchiến bại mics, & offers Reverb, Panning and Volume controls, alongside Attachồng, Decay, Sustain and Release envelope settings. You can grab it at the Versilian Studios trang web.

2. Spitfire Audio Soft Piano

Released as part of Spitfire’s epic LABS project, which offers simple but hellishly well-sampled instruments, the Soft Piano plugin offers the character of a low-key, dampened piano. As the sampling’s been done by the experts at Spitfire, the nuance và feeling of a piano not going at full blast has been distilled into lớn a very special instrument.

As the sampling behind Soft Piano is very deep, there are only three controls: Expression (far-left) can be thought of as a volume control, the middle slider determines the dynamic response (ie, how much Soft Piano responds to your MIDI velocity), & the right-hvà knob provides reverb.

You can get Soft Piano now, for không tính tiền, from the LABS trang web, along with other free plugins. It runs in your DAW as a VST/AU/AAX plugin.

3. Keyzone Classic

If you’re looking for a sampled VST piano and electric piano instrument with a little more control, Keyzone Classic could be the one for you. Starting off with its four envelope controls –Attachồng, Decay, Sustain & Release –which change the sound’s character either slightly or wildly, depending on your preference.

This không lấy phí VST & AU instrument gives you a choice of five sầu sampled pianos, from the lieks of Steinway, Yamaha, Fender và more. Keyzone Classic also has a reverb mix knob, a Detune control, Velothành phố Curve sầu settings, LFO Rate and Depth, and a Pan control.

You can grab it now from the BitSonic trang web.

4. SampleScience Room Piano


One of the best piano VST instruments –& a nice and simple one at that – comes from SampleScience, the Canadian company behind a huge range of instruments. This particular free VST piano has been physically modelled, meaning the physics of the hammers, strings và soundboard have been recreated in code.

The result is an impressive mixture of great sound chất lượng và low computer resource consumption. Room Piano has Attaông xã, Release and Sub levels, a routable LFO with Rate và Depth, Amp settings, Pitch, Pre-Gain and Glide.

Room Piano runs as a VST or AU plugin & is available from the SampleScience trang web.

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5. RDG Audio Free Piano

After years of sampling pianos & other instruments, RDG decided to launch a không tính phí grand piano VST khổng lồ showcase their talents. Not only does this plugin give you AU & VST pianoforte sounds –it also provides Pad & String sounds to lớn layer into lớn the patch, adding a dose of synth và orchestra, should you choose to lớn engage them.

There’s panning, volume, low-pass filter, reverb & envelope controls, as well as those three crucial sound selection sliders: Piano, String and Pad Volumes. You can grab this one from the RDG Audio trang web.

6. BigCat Instruments Skerratt London Piano


More on the honky tonk side of piano instruments, this piano VST, AU và Kontakt instrument (also available for Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol) provides a sampled upright piano that’s suitable for a right royal East End knees-up.

Cursory parameters include envelope settings (ADSR), Volume & Panning, so this one’s more about the unique & character of the included samples.

You can grab Sherratt London Piano from the BigCat Instruments website, alongside their other miễn phí piano instrument, Iowa Piano, again available in VST, AU và Kontakt formats.

7. 99Sounds Upright Piano

Based on piano samples recorded by Rudi Fiasco, Upright Piano (VST/VST3/AU) runs with six velothành phố layers lớn make things as realistic as possible.

You get simple enveloping with Attaông chồng & Release times, a Tremolo effect (more lượt thích a chorus at times, with Intensity & Speed controls), và Dampen (low-pass filter) & Reverb controls too. There's also global control over master Volume, and a separate knob that defines the loudness of the keys being released at the kết thúc of notes.

8. 4Front Piano


George Yohng’s 4Front Piano might just be the most understated & lightweight of all không tính phí piano VSTs, clocking in at a mere 17MB on Mac (28MB on PC). It’s available as an Audio Unit, & VST plugin, và an RTAS instrument for mac as well.

The 4Front interface doesn’t give sầu much away in terms of control, but the sound is fairly impressive. If you need a no-nonsense piano VST for no money, & with no added fuss, you could very well make it this one. Grab it from http://www.yohng.com/software/piano.html.

9. Alex Holm Salamander Grand Piano 3


Another entry from BigCat Instruments, the maker of the above Skerratt London Piano & Iowa Piano comes in with another characterful sampled piano, released under his own name. This one comes packaged in the SoundFont format to lớn load into VST and AU samplers. This means that it’s available to Linux users, và that sonic tweaking will be dependent on your sampler’s actual capabilities. You can get it from https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/3

10. Spitfire Audio LABS Pianos

We already mentioned Spitfire’s LABS series for their excellent Soft Piano instrument at the top of this danh sách, but it’s well worth mentioning the ever increasing number of entries to lớn the LABS series.

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Currently, there’s also an Electric Piano and a Modular Piano instrument, và Music Box one too,but new LABS plugins are being released frequently, so there’s the potential for plenty more không lấy phí VST và AU piano instruments to lớn drop.