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Using computers to create Ghost files and extract Ghost files is very common when we need khổng lồ install Windows or move sầu Windows. Currently, there are many tools lớn tư vấn users lớn create Ghost files và extract Ghost files quickly.

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 In this article, will guide you to lớn use Onekey Ghost.

1. Download the Onekey Ghost software

Onekey Ghost is now a software that does not need to be installed, just tải về it lớn use. The capathành phố of Onekey Ghost is also very light.

Link Download Here

Note: When using you Right-cliông chồng and select Run as Adminstrator .

2. How lớn use Onekey Ghost lớn create Ghost file

Step 1: You select the Backup commvà .


Step 2: Then you select the drive partition you need Backup . This partition must be an operating system. To determine which is the partition, the operating system you just need to observe sầu with the Windows ibé is or is mostly the C: drive .


Step 3: Next, cliông xã Save to choose where lớn store the Ghost version .


Note: Choose where khổng lồ store the Ghost version should be on another disk, not with the drive containing the operating system và named to lớn distinguish.

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Step 4: You choose the highest mode Highest khổng lồ create the optimal effect and achieve the smallest capađô thị.


Step 5: Then you select Yes the system will automatically create a Ghost for you.



If you want to lớn mix a password for your Ghost tệp tin, select Password .


If you want to lớn split your Ghost file, select Split .


3. How khổng lồ use OneKey Ghost to extract Ghost file

Step 1: You select the Restore section .


Step 2: Next, click Open to open your Ghost tệp tin.


Step 3: You select the drive sầu that you want to extract the Ghost tệp tin. This is the drive that will contain your operating system.

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Step 4: You choose Yes to proceed with Ghost tệp tin extraction. lưu ý that there will be a notification that the drive sầu will extract all Ghost files. You choose Yes lớn continue.


So, in this article, have sầu shown you how lớn create Ghost files và bug Ghost files with Onekey Ghost software. Good luck!