Lỗi could not find or load main class

Have Googled extensively on this error, but I can"t seem to fix the problem. I"ve written a basic java program in Eclipse Juno, as follows:

public class HelloWorld /** *
param args */ public static void main(String<> args) System.out.println("Hello Eclipse!"); After clicking Run, I get: "Error: Could not find or load main class HelloWorld". This error message applies to all my other projects in the same workspace. I"ve tried switching workspaces but the error still appears.

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I"m on Windows 7 64-bit. Any help would be appreciated!


This just happened to me today after updating my JRE. I cleaned the project and it started working again.

Project -> Clean will remove any existing class files and completely rebuild the project. There"s more information on Eclipse"s clean function here.



I just ran into that problem. The cause... not sure. However, only happened after I added a new jvm.My solution:

went to run configurations: - run->run configurations

In the Classpath tab:

Select Advanced Add where Eclipse usually put the *.class for the projects, which is in bin. So I added the bin directory for the project.

I hope it helps someone out there. It took me time to figure this out.


I deleted a jar file from the bin directory. Right click on your project - Properties then Libraries tab. There was a red flag in there. I removed the jar file from the Libraries and it worked.


It seems that the class is not compiled by Eclipse.

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Few pointers could be-

Check if the .class file exists in your output folder.To know your output folder Right Click on Project->Properties->Java Build Path(Check at bottom).Check if Project->build Automatically is checked in the menu.Check if the HelloWorld class is in src folder or not.Right Click on Project->Properties->Java Build Path(Check source tab).
Same Problem occur with me.I went to Project > Properties > Java BuildPath.

There In order of export , I moved up my java/main to the top priority.

that"s because you guys created the class one time with the main method & after that may be you have been deleted that form or workplace & still some of the files exist ,i will suggest you to create that form or workspace again & then delete it by clicking on it completely,then after that if you created the some class like Runner class try to run it again.

This happened to me. I noticed that someone said I have to create an entire new WORKSHOP! Why? Because I installed a newer JRE version and that won"t allow other previous versions to run on it. So all those old files I have become useless in a way. Not really, Just copy and paste it to new class and change it to an unused class name.

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Eclipse - Error: Main method not found in class projectOne, please define the main method as: public static void main(String<> args)
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