Finding and claiming product keys in visual studio subscriptions

Microsoft’s Visual Studio (written in C++ & C#) has always been the most powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for C# development. Of course, nowadays, this most productive sầu Visual Studio 2017 has also applied khổng lồ the developments of Android, iOS, Windows, Web, và Cloud applications.

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Microsoft Visual Studio is a professional development tool that you can use to develop computer programs, web applications, websites, website services, & Mobile applications.


Not only did Visual Studio 2017 add many new features, but also improved many of the original practical functions, to lớn save sầu the time & effort that developers spend on daily tasks. Compared with Visual Studio năm ngoái, Visual Studio 2017 comes with a huge performance boost. The most obvious user experience is the startup tốc độ of VS 2017 is around 3 times faster than VS 2015, và the loading time of project solutions is shortened 2~4 times.

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This is a Product Keys collection post for all versions (including RC and RTM versions, as well universal for all languages & all updates) of Microsoft Visual Studio 5 commercial editions at least: Professional, Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate, & Team Foundation Server.

Visual Studio has 3 primary editions now:

Professional – Commercial EditionEnterprise – Commercial Edition


ProductYearVersionProduct Keys
Visual Studio 20202020 HG8FD-DR6F8-T7G9Y-H80UI-9NUB8YV7T8-R6C8R-C6VT9-7GBHY-80NUJT6RX5-EZXCR-6VT7B-Y80NU-HBGVFCDX5X-7E5CR-86VT7-9BY9V-7TC8R
Visual Studio 2019201916.xProfessional:NYWVH-HT4XC-R2WYW-9Y3CM-X4V3Y


Visual Studio 2017201715.xTest Professional:VG622-NKFP4-GTWPH-XB2JJ-JFHVF



Visual Studio 2015201514.xProfessional:HMGNV-WCYXV-X7G9W-YCX63-B98R2


Team Foundation Server:PTBNK-HVGCM-HB2GW-MXWMH-T3BJQ

Visual Studio 2013201312.xProfessional:XDM3T-W3T3V-MGJWK-8BFVD-GVPKY



Team Foundation Server:MHG9J-HHHX9-WWPQP-D8T7H-7KCQG

Visual Studio 2012201211.xProfessional:4D974-9QX42-9Y43G-YJ7JG-JDYBP



Team Foundation Server:BVGTF-T7MVR-TP46H-9Q97G-XBXRB

Visual Studio 2010201010.xProfessional/Ultimate (built-in or below):YCFHQ-9DWCY-DKV88-T2TMH-G7BHP
Visual Studio 200820079.x

Express: Not required


Visual Studio 200520058.x

Express: Not required

Standard: Not required


Visual Studio 6.019986.x111-111111101234567891234567890
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