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There’s no doubt that more people are cutting the cable cord than ever. Consumers are tired of paying monthly, triple-digit prices for the TV shows và movies they love sầu, so they’re turning to lớn alternate sources of entertainment. Netflix, one of the most popular options, offers much of the same content as cable television, but for a much lower price.

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The only problem is that some Netflix content is country-specific. Your favorite show might be available khổng lồ viewers in France, for instance, but not in the United States. This causes frustration among mỏi Netflix subscribers who want access to lớn all the shows they love sầu no matter where they live sầu. So, khổng lồ get the best viewing experience, you’ll need lớn unblochồng Netflix.

Why is Some Content Unavailable in Certain Countries?

After a movie leaves the box office and becomes available for trang chính viewing or a TV show ends production and gets aired on television, the producers and networks negotiate with cable providers & other outlets to lớn distribute the nội dung. The creators want to lớn get paid for the movie’s or TV show’s consumption.

However, it’s not a universal negotiation. Companies such as Netflix sign contracts with distributors and cable companies in each specific country. They might reach a consensus for a particular movie in Turkey, but fail khổng lồ come to lớn an agreement for the same movie in Mexico.

It’s typically a matter of money. If either Netflix or the studio feels that a proposed contract doesn’t work in its favor, nobody toàn thân signs on the dotted line. Netflix might determine that there is too little interest for a movie in a particular area & decide not to buy rights khổng lồ it in that geographical jurisdiction. This means that you can’t view the content you want to see.

What are Geo Locks?

Like other television & movie providers, Netflix uses “geo locks” (also called geo blocks or geo restrictions) khổng lồ prsự kiện subscribers from accessing prohibited content. For instance, if you have an active, current Netflix tài khoản in the United States & you take a vacation in Greece, you won’t be able to lớn sign on. Your device will detect your location và refuse you access.

These geo locks can prove frustrating for users who travel frequently for business or pleasure. Plus, if you get hooked on a show that has a geo loông chồng in your own country, you can’t view that content even when you’re trang chủ. Unfortunately, there aren’t any manual workarounds that will remove sầu geo locks or prsự kiện them from blocking content.

It might surprise you lớn learn that some of the most popular nội dung remains forever barred behind a geo loông xã.

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What Content is Blocked?

A particular show or movie’s availability depends on the country from which the customer tries to access it. For instance, Netflix subscribers in Singapore don’t have access lớn several popular U.S. television shows, including:

“Big Bang Theory”“House of Cards”“Futurama”“Friends”“Breaking Bad”

In the United States, there are several popular television shows & movies that won’t pop up on your Netflix roster. Action-film fans, for instance, can’t access any installment of the “Fast & Furious” franchise. The same goes for the animated treasure “Despicable Me,” the beloved “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, và tragic love sầu story “Titanic.” We have gathered a list of Netflix titles available per country here.

You can watch “Family Guy” in the United States and Canada, but you’re out of luông chồng if you live in the UK. Meanwhile, “Downton Abbey” is available in countries such as France, nhật bản, and nước Australia, but not in the United States. You’re also out of luck if you live sầu in North America và you want your weekly fix of Sheldon and the gang on “Big Bang Theory.”

This usually relates to lớn a financial issue with Netflix or the studio, so there is nothing you can vị khổng lồ change it on your own. While starting a petition or writing three letters lớn Netflix each week khổng lồ complain might seem like the only course of action, VPNs offer a better approach.

How Do You Unblochồng Content?

While there’s no manual way to unblock geo-locked nội dung on Netflix, VPN (virtual private network) services provide a convenient solution. In addition to lớn increasing your privacy, reducing your chances of becoming a victyên of identity theft, & providing anonymous access khổng lồ the Internet, Hotspot Shield Elite — the most trusted và popular VPN service — allows you to lớn unblochồng nội dung so you can watch Netflix without worry.

Hotspot Shield Free version comes by default with the US location & a limited access khổng lồ streaming nội dung. When you nâng cấp lớn Hotspot Shield Elite (premium version starts at $2.50/month => use promo code “Netflix20” to get 20% OFF your subscription), you get instantly access khổng lồ 15+ virtual locations, faster speed, unlimited bandwidth và the ability lớn activate your licence on up khổng lồ 5 devices simultaneously.


If you’re a Hotspot Shield Elite user, you can download the miễn phí associated phầm mềm lớn your Internet-connected device, whether you’re using your phone, a tablet, or your desktop computer. You’ll sign inlớn your tài khoản & look for the nội dung you’re interested in. After that, you simply select the location where that content is available (such as Mexico or Japan) & pop a bag of popcorn.

When you use a VPN, you become invisible on the Internet. Netflix can’t detect your location, so it can’t maintain the geographic barriers that prsự kiện you from catching the lakiểm tra episode of “The Walking Dead” or re-watching “Thor” with your pals.

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All you need is an annual subscription lớn a VPN. Once you have an account, you can follow this strategy khổng lồ make hundreds of hours of content available for viewing.

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