Helio x20 vs snapdragon 652 vs 650 vs apple a8 antutu

We have already compared SD 650 vs Helio Xtrăng tròn vs SD 652, but this is the first time we are going khổng lồ compare SnapLong 625 Chipmix. In the article, we will compare the benchmark of 3 Xiaomi Smartphones; Redngươi lưu ý 3 (Snaprồng 650), Redngươi cảnh báo 4 (SnapLong and Mediatek Version). Xiaongươi Launched Redmi lưu ý 4 in India with SD 625 CPU, but the same Model was launched with Helio Xtrăng tròn in trang chủ Country (China). Today we will compare these 3 CPUs và its Antutu and Geekbench Benchmark Score.

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Snapdragon 625 vs Snapdragon 650 vs Mediatek Helio Xđôi mươi Specs

SnapLong 625: 14 nm Chipset, octa-core ARM Cortex A53, CPU cloông xã Speed up lớn 2.0 GHz, Quick Charge 3.0, LPDDR3 RAM with 933MHz Speed, Adreno 506 GPU, 64-bit architecture

SnapLong 650: 28 nm Chipphối, hexa-core (2 x ARM Cortex A72 + 4 x ARM Cortex A53), CPU Cloông xã Speed up lớn 1.8 GHz, Quichồng Charge 3.0/2.0, LPDDR3 RAM (dual-channel) with 933MHz Speed, Adreno 510 GPU, 64-bit architecture

Mediatek Helio X20: 20nm Chipset, deca-core (2 x ARM Cortex A72
1.4 GHz), LPDDR3 RAM (dual-channel) with 933MHz Speed, ARM Mali 780MHz GPU, 64-bit architecture

The Clochồng Speed mentioned above sầu is the maximum tốc độ that the CPU can run at. So let’s know the clock tốc độ and we will compare all the models with 3GB RAM.

Redmi Note 4 (Mediatek Version): 2 X ARM Cortex A72
1.4 GHz

GeekBench Performance Benchmark Comparison SnapLong 625 vs Snaprồng 650 vs Helio X20

Single Core Benchmark Score

1st. Mediatek Helio X20: 1557

2nd. Snapdragon 650: 1452


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Snapdragon 625: 828

Multi Core Benchmark Score

1st. Mediatek Helio X20: 4139

2nd. Snapdragon 650: 3450


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Snaprồng 625: 2727

Screenshots of GeekBench Benchmark Report (Cliông xã image to lớn enlarge)


Conclusion: Which one is the best?

If we talk about the overall performance, SnapLong 625 is certainly a looser. Snapdragon 625 Chipphối is smaller in form size so it will be power efficient & will make the device run longer, but it loses in all other aspects. So I don’t see a reason that users should buy a điện thoại with Snapdragon 625 when you can get Smartphones almost in the same price that feature Helio Xđôi mươi or Snapdragon 650. It’s tough to announce a Winner between Snaprồng 650 và Helio Xđôi mươi because Helio Xtrăng tròn is the winner as far as CPU Benchmark is Concerned, but SD 650 beats Helio X20 in Graphic Benchmark. If you are aước ao those who are fond of playing games, then I would suggest buying điện thoại thông minh with SnapLong 650. If you play games occasionally, then the device with Helio X20 CPU is the best option.

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