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As the screenshot shows, this specific memory kit is composed of Hynix ICs. From the SPD read, we are not able to lớn determine the exact die used on the modules. Based on the price point và specification, we would guestimate that it’s the D-Die, which could be considered the high-tier IC within the Hynix family. It also shows us that our test kit leverages the advantages of the A2 style PCB.

DDR4 PCBs are broken down inlớn three major layout designs. The older design, called A0, has the ICs spaced out evenly on the PCB and can limit the maximum frequency. The newer A1 và A2 designs (effectively the same) place the ICs closer together and closer lớn the PCB connection edge. The A2-style PCB has become the new unofficial industry standard because it allows for higher frequencies and generally better compatibility. As a result, motherboard manufacturers are now routing memory traces to coincide with the IC placement on A2-style PCBs.

We will use the ASRochồng Z590 OC Formula for testing today, which has been specifically optimized for A2-style memory PCBs. It’s on the official QVL for our memory, so we should have sầu the optimal configuration for testing.

Packaging & Product Tour

The packaging is simply a delivery mechanism to lớn ship the product safely, but it also serves as a pReviews of what’s khổng lồ come. We have sầu all opened products with cheaply-made packaging, và whether you think about it or not, we believe that it has an effect on the first impression of the sản phẩm. G.Skill didn’t change the packaging at all with this latest iteration.

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The box itself is very sleek & professional, consisting of an all-blachồng exterior with a simple slide-off band khổng lồ hold it together. The lid hinges up to reveal G.Skill’s lathử nghiệm eye-catching design, the Trident Z Royal Elite, in silver.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Unboxing

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Unboxing
G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Unboxing
Meet the Trident Z Royal Elite

At the first glance out of the box, they will look familiar to lớn most enthusiasts. The overall shape và structure are the same as previous Trident Z Royals, however, the heatsink is different. Continuing with the “crystalline” theme set by the light diffuser, they’ve sầu molded the aluminum heat sink sides to lớn reflect the same design. The overall look is quite quality và very impressive sầu looking. However, we question if the changes will are worth it & how much of the heat sink sides will actually be seen once the memory is installed.


The entire top of the memory module is one contiguous plastic light diffuser, which G.Skill is calling the “crystalline light bar”. This serves the function of softening the light from eight individually selectable RGB LEDs. It also serves the function of adding a premium element to your build with the chất lượng diamond-shaped light bar.

Of the two color options available, we are reviewing the silver variety today. This might be the obvious choice for more computer builders since it is more of a universal color tone compared to the gold option.

The module has a height of 44 milimet / 1.79 inches and a weight of 8.5 ounces. The height is a concern for some low-protệp tin coolers, but it should be compatible with most.