Avast Free Antivirus 21.11.2500 License Key is an antivirus tool designed for the Windows operating system. It can detect a large number of known viruses và can detect changes caused by many types of malware. It can be easily integrated inlớn your system and offers you real-time protection services. There are two types of interfaces simple for non-professional users & advanced for more familiar users. There is a resident scanner, which, after activation, remains at least as an ibé on the toolbar. It will look for potential threats. This protection system for residents is divided into lớn three blocks System Files Shield, Web Shield, và Mail Shield.

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What’s New?

New thực đơn in the top rowWi-Fi inspector controlFixed RGPD Compliance.DECISION Adjust the multiple firewall locksSolution “Scan” will not be provided after installationSolution Mode reader when silent mode is activated.Fixed UI should be considered a bugCorrection of emergency behavior offlineNew a dialog has been found that prohibits the use và sale of shields.Also, reduce the kích thước of the installation file to lớn reduce the need for large disk space.We have improved the efficiency of the intelligent scanning systemImproved camera protection from all forms of espionage.Increase protection against all types of hackersAll previous expenses have been settledYour personal information is now in safe handsSave your important files now in an encrypted format.Allow trusted files to lớn be installed on your system and block all other applicationsOnly trusted applications have access to lớn our data & webcam.Also, all kinds of security enhancementsThe latest scan feature that can detect all kinds of recent threatsAll old Avast errors & crashes have sầu been fixed.

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Excellent protection for all devices Avast is well rated by independent testing labs.Making it a safe choice to protect against cyber threats.Excellent và không lấy phí protection for Android.Although we bởi vì not recommover the không tính phí Avast solution for Windows, it works very well for Android.It has over 5 million user reviews in the Google Play Store, giving an average score of 9.1.


Avast took data from its users và sold it lớn data companies lượt thích Google.This included views on YouTube, browsing history, and Google Maps locations.