Download Up To 8 Times Faster

This tutorial will teach you how khổng lồ tải về & play Clash of Clans on your Mac OS X computer.

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The tutorial uses an Android emulator, Genymotion & VirtualBox, to run the game on your Apple computer. You will be able to log into your Google tài khoản and continue where you left off in the game. If you are using a Windows computer, cliông chồng here to view our Windows tutorial.

How-khổng lồ Play Clash of Clans on your Mac OS X Computer

1. Download Genymotion (you will need lớn create an account):

Genymotion Official Download


2. Install Genymotion (you vì not need khổng lồ install Genymotion Shell)


3. Download & install VirtualBox:

VirtualBox Official Download



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Download Google Play Store OVA here:

Google Play OVA

5. Run Virtual Box


6. Go to lớn File > Import Appliance và import the OVA file


7. Cthảm bại VirtualBox, run Genymotion, và double clichồng on genymotion_vbox khổng lồ run the virtual device


8. Open the Google Play Store


9. Search & download Clash of Clans (you will need to lớn log into or create a new Google Play account)


10. Clash of Clans will now be installed on the virtual device


You can continue your existing Clash of Clans game by signing into lớn your Google account