It is important khổng lồ be able lớn unfreeze your computer if you have lost you password, Anti Deep Freeze provides this capability. While Deep Freeze 7 is a useful program, it can sometimes put users in a strange predicament. Anti Deep Freeze provides a solution to that problem, see below for instructions on downloading, installing and using it.

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Unlike previous versions, the new version of Faronics Deep Freeze 7 is fully compatible with windows 7. DeepFreeze is the best software to freeze a system và prevent changing its setting. But problems are often encountered when users forget the passwords for a copy of DeepFreeze that is installed on their computers.

With Anti Deep Freeze 4 you can disable an installed version deep freeze 7 in your computer. This anti deepfreeze version also can be used lớn disable deepfreeze version 4, 5 & 6.


How khổng lồ uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 4

There are two modes in anti deep freeze 4, “ByPass Exist Process” recommended lớn change Deep Freeze password và “mở cửa New Process” recommended if you want khổng lồ remove/uninstall the deep freeze program from your computer.

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How khổng lồ use Anti Deep Freeze Program

Download then extract/unzip Anti Deep Freeze Program (You can download the program from tải về link below) Run the anti deepfreeze program by clicking “ADF v.0.4.exe” in the extracted thư mục Select bypassing methods, “Bypass Exist Process” or “xuất hiện New Process” Cliông xã start. This process will take a few second After process finished it will as a password, cliông chồng OK (without entering a password) If you select “Bypass Exist Process” in the bypassing process it will prompt you to lớn enter new password. You can select “Boot Thawed” if you use “Open New Process”, bypassing methods. Cliông xã OK. Then Reboot you computer. done

To uninstall DeepFreeze program from your computer. Run DeepFreeze Installer, click next then uninstall. The DeepFreeze must in Thawed mode lớn uninstall this software.

I have sầu tested this software on DeepFreeze 7 standart and it works. Please use this software lớn solve sầu your problem with deepfreeze program. Source the software info: (Thanks khổng lồ unkromochip has reminded me khổng lồ mentioned the link).

Note: use this software info as your own risk because some antivirut software detected the software as a virus. I have sầu not found any issue, but please be diligent.

Download link:,_5,_6_y_7%5D.rar.html