Download AutoCAD 2013 Free Version is one of the famous software for Design & Modeling Services. Now the AutoCAD 2013 Download Version is ready to provide you the tools that can be used for shaping the world around you with the amazing and most advance class tools AutoCAD 2013 Version. The Complete Version of AutoCAD 2013 is compatible with 32/64 Bit Operating system which can install on both the architecture. There are several new features are available for 2 chiều & 3D models designs.

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Technical Details About AutoCAD 2013 Free Version x86/x64:

Full Software NameAutoCAD 2013
Architecture32 Bit/ 64 Bit
Developer and Published byAutoDesk
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size1 GB
License TypeFree Trial

Complete Overview about AutoCAD 2013 Full Version Download:

Are you using the older version of AutoCAD Software that is the famous CAD Software by the AutoDesk Company like autocad 2010 or autocad 2007 version? If yes then, you must install and download the lakiểm tra version of AutoCAD 2013 Full Version because there are lots of features và updates that can maximize productivity by using powerful tools for kiến thiết aggregation & documentation.


While working with the lademo version of AutoCAD 2013 Version download you will have to lớn store your designs & models in a place where It is safe và sound. All these designs can be saved in the OneDrive as well in the Google Drive sầu. Simply you can connect your online cloud storing tài khoản & all your designs will be saved in it.

Many Improvements and Bug Fixes:

If you have used the previous version of AutoCAD which are amazing but there were several features và updates in which people are facing some issues và problems. All those problems & issues are being noticed & now you will see all those bugs are now fixed. Now the AutoCAD 2013 Download has got improved và with many bug fixes which helps it lớn run in with ease. If you are searching for Drawing & designing tool then try Portable CorelDraw X8

The lakiểm tra version uses less CPU nguồn so you can work with the quichồng tốc độ and make sure you’re your productivity is maximum. It also increases the productivity rate of users with the help of this application. The New tools in the CAD Design section will blow your mind while making some new designs.


You can customize the main menus & main toolbar as well in the software. Now create custom tool palettes that can be used in the world-class designs và models making. These palettes can help you lớn display only the tools you need for your current project and also the previous project as well. One of the amazing fact about the palettes that it can be used to lớn design & organize the interface as well. This software is a type of drag and drop, which is able khổng lồ kiến thiết objects and a commvà history that lets you traông chồng changes.

New Tools for CAD Drawings:

There are some new tools for CAD Drawing, like the drag và drop of new toolboxes which makes the software more advance from the previous version. As we know that the CAD Drawings are .dwg files which contains information about specific drawing that the designer have đầu vào in it. If you want to lớn import CAD Drawing files from the older version, lượt thích AutoCAD 2007 download or any other, then you can simply follow the below steps lớn open the old version of any dwg file. The cloud support system makes it more reliable because, now you can use the software’s cloud storage system for backup & other tasks.

How to mở cửa DWG File in AutoCAD:

Below are some steps that you need lớn follow before you try any other method khổng lồ open the dwg tệp tin.

Click on File >> Open >> Then ( Browse).Next khổng lồ the File name box, clichồng the All Visio Files dropdown, & then select AutoCAD Drawing.Find the .dwg or .dxf file on your computer, và then double-click it lớn open it.

The AutoCAD file will appear as a new Visio drawing.

Horizontal và vertical & quot LINES:

If you need khổng lồ bởi vì lots of horizontal and vertical & quot LINES & quot lớn draw only orthogonal lines, I can switch on the & quot ORTHO MODE & quot, which is this button next to the polar mode drawing a line again.

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So I cliông xã for my first point and the cursor only lets me lớn draw a vertical or horizontal line. So i will type now & quot 100 và quot now và quot 200 & quot, và then I continue drawing this will be & quot 100 & quot.

I will draw another line. I can draw how many lines as I want. When i finish, i simply cliông xã & quot, ESC và quot. This last one I have sầu to lớn make it & quot 100 và quot khổng lồ match the line below. So the last thing I will teach you about.

The command & quot LINE & quot is to lớn draw a line with a specified angle. I will draw first an horizontal line và the next one I want to lớn draw it with length & quot 200 & quot. Now, if I type the button và quot TAB và quot, I can specify the angle that i want.

How khổng lồ mix up và edit units:

One thing I recommkết thúc is drawing with scale 1:1. I mean if you want to lớn draw a line with one meter of length, draw it with the real length & not with 1cm, for example, that’s because it’s easier lớn not get confused & you only need to scale the Drawing when you will plot it now, if you look khổng lồ the bottom left corner, you can see the coordinates of the mouse pointer and, of course, the first one is & quot X và quot, the second và quot Y và quot, and the third one is và Quot Z & quot – & this is always zero because we are working in 2d.

Also, this point is where my coordinates are all 0. Now i am going to phối up my units, I will type units và press ENTER lớn open. This panel here were says length. I can choose the type of that I want.

In my case, I use decimal units, but I know in some countries is comtháng lớn use the architectural or engineering units in the precision you have sầu all these options lớn choose và in this side you can choose the type of angle units I will choose decimal degrees In the insertion scale, we will choose the units that we want if you use standard units, but those are just used for conversion when we want to lớn insert a bloông chồng or an external image just for drawing that units.

Don’t matter. That’s, because AutoCAD has a dimensionless system of measurement. We only need lớn put the scale when we need khổng lồ print now. I want to lớn show you a comtháng issue, especially when we are using millimeters.

Create and Design 2 chiều & 3D objects:

There are some built-in designs available for 2 chiều & 3 chiều designs. All these basic geometrical shapes are available lớn design some new shapes & models. You can create some amazing custom designs as well by using the world-class 3 chiều designs.

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List of Some Amazing Features of AutoCAD 2013 Download Free:

Br& new thiết kế and look.New Tools for DWG Drawings.Full Customizable menus.Create Ultra 3 chiều Models.Built-In Models for new designs.Several Languages.Improvements in the Toolbars.Geometric based shapes & designs.Various Export Possibilities.Details view và Section.Strike thru text is available.Modern Interface Inspires designers.File Sync và Sharing features.

AutoCAD 2013 Systems Requirements:

Download AutoCAD 2013 Full x86/x64 Version for Free Now:

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