Asus geforce gtx 1050 ti 4 gb phoenix video card


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no problems so far! it gets me about 70 fps on Apex Legends, wish it was more but I"m pretty sure I"ll need lớn upgrade lớn a 6GB or higher for that

Have had it for some years now, it is still a legend. Getting quite outdated & can"t play some games at 60fps 1080p, but still does the job.


pretty good card for esports titles. just dont pay over $130 for this thẻ, it really isnt worth more. i would recomkết thúc getting an rx 560 then overclocking it for the same performance, or just a better card entirely.

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Good GPU, can run BeamNG on high settings at 60+ FPS. However, the gaming boost function on the GPU Tweak 2 software is really annoying because if you have sầu any RGB going, it stops, và if you have the taskbar automatically hiding, the animation stops working properly.

Quiet tín đồ, awesome potential và the added bonus of not needing a PCI-e cable to route lớn your PSU means one less cable lớn manage! Comes with software for boosting your PC for gaming i.e. halting background processes.

Have had this baby for 1 year và 4 months now. I don"t know where I"d be without her. Absolutely destroys the games that I play on, I can get 60+ FPS on any game I play.

During loads she can get pretty hot, 50C I measured. But other than that, best bang for the buông chồng.

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This thẻ is amazing for me and performs well for any game I"ve sầu played so far. I"ve also used it for light crypto mining, & it"s alright there as well. Strongly recommover for anyone wanting a great 1080p experience.

The 1050ti is a great budget thẻ in general. I don"t think I"d recommkết thúc this over another 1050ti. Get what looks good to you.

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