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If you’ve sầu been creating your eLearning courses using Adobe Presenter và want khổng lồ take them to lớn the next màn chơi with Adobe Captivate, let me show you two different ways lớn vì so.

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The first way is to use the existing PPT slides you have created for Presenter courses, import them in Captivate, add interactivity on top of it, & publish. And the second way is to use the Quiông chồng Start Projects in Adobe Captivate to build the courses.

Here’s a quichồng đoạn phim with the steps khổng lồ vì chưng so:

Wish to lớn learn more about it? Watch this recorded training session on how lớn convert any on-screen nội dung into lớn interactive sầu eLearning:

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HELP!!! I’m new lớn Adobe Express & have sầu created my project however when I “share” it, it loses all sound. When I go back to lớn express edit mode, sound is still there. Any thoughts on how khổng lồ correct? The đoạn Clip is 40 minutes long, was captured with an external mic và was a screen only capture. There are also multiple videos imported into the đoạn Clip as well. Those have also lost sound. And if there is not a work around (that a newbie can understvà in Express) can I move sầu this project into Premiere Pro somehow? The project seems khổng lồ “live” within Express.

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Installing Adobe Presenter 11.1.5
Posted on Oktober 28, 2019 by FrankDeR

There are some important bug fixes in Adobe Presenter 11.1.5. It is very easy to lớn install và a new serial key is not required for current licensed users of 11.1; it is also a full installer for new users. The kích thước of the download is approximately 2GB.

To see a danh mục of the fixes in Adobe Presenter 11.1.5, see the following article: You will note that the tải về liên kết in the article sited points to the Adobe Presenter trial tải về accessible after logging in with your Adobe ID. While the tải về site at the time of my writing this blog article reads Adobe Presenter 11.1, it is actually version 11.1.5. Don’t be confused by this. If you are uncertain that you have the correct installer, simply open the extracted installer directory và look at the version in the Products folder:


cảnh báo that the full installer splash screen includes Adobe Media Encoder (AME); since I already have sầu AME commensurate with my Adobe Creative sầu Cloud subscription, I have unchecked the bloông xã invoking its reinstalltion:


The installation is fast; I did not uninstall Adobe Presenter version 11.1 prior to lớn installing 11.1.5, I simply installed over it as a local administrator & it updated the earlier installed 11.1 version without issues:


My first post-installation demo was to update and overwrite a previously published project locally to lớn a zip; it worked flawlessly as expected:




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Right-h& navigation panes not accessible via keyboard
Posted on Februar 18, 2019 by gonzalcm

My Presenter project keeps getting kicked baông chồng from the 508 kiểm tra.

The issues are:

The right-hvà navigation panes don’t seem khổng lồ be accessible via keyboardKeyboard focus is not always apparent when tabbing through (shows on bottom nav bar and url but not on the content, is this due khổng lồ it being a video?)Controls are not uniquely named or don’t identify themselves & rolesToggle buttons & cc’s don’t identify their status.

This is the 2nd time it as been rejected. I work for the government so these issues need to lớn be met & I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciate. Even if Presenter is not capable it would explain a lot. I also had the same issues with Captivate, so my manager wanted me lớn switch khổng lồ Presenter.

Thank you,


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Posted on April 18, 2018 by KEVIN SIEGEL

by Kevin Siegel, COTP

Inserting and editing video in Adobe Presenter is as easy as accessing the Adobe Presenter tab on the Ribbon & then clicking the Video tool. Once videos have sầu been added khổng lồ a PowerPoint slide, they can be manipulated just lượt thích any other PowerPoint object.

I received an email recently from a new Presenter developer. He wanted to lớn insert a video clip, but instead of adding the video to the slide, he wanted it to lớn appear to lớn the left of the slide, above sầu the Table of Contents. He had heard such a thing was possible but had been unable to find the feature.

The feature he was looking for is called Sidebar Clip and it’s shown in the image below. Adding Sidebar đoạn phim khổng lồ a project is simple và I was able to lớn talk hlặng through it with a quiông chồng gmail. If you’d lượt thích to lớn learn how, follow these steps.

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To begin, select a PowerPoint slide & then, on the Adobe Presenter tab, Insert group, click the Video tool and choose Import. (This will open the Adobe Presenter – Import Video dialog box.)



Select the đoạn phim you’d like to lớn use in the Sidebar và, from the lower right of the dialog box, select Sidebar Clip.


By default, the Sidebar video clip will appear at the left of the Presenter playback window (as shown in the first image above). You can hide the Sidebar or change its location by clicking the Theme tool and deselecting Show Sidebar (lớn hide it) or selecting Right or Left from the Location drop-down menu.



If you’d lượt thích to see the Sidebar video feature in action, check out this sample Adobe Presenter eLearning project. And if you’d lượt thích to lớn learn how lớn use Adobe Presenter, check out our skills and drills workbook.


Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTPhường., is the founder and president of IconLogic. Following a career in Public Affairs with the U.S. Coast Guard và in private industry, Kevin has spent decades as a technical communicator, classroom and online trainer, public speaker, and has written hundreds of computer training books for adult learners. He has been recognized by Adobe as one of the top trainers world-wide.

If you need khổng lồ mô tả an Adobe Presenter presentation with another developer, you’ll find the Presenter’s Package tool very useful.

Presenter projects begin as a single, self-contained PowerPoint presentation. You can transfer them from one computer khổng lồ another without worrying about leaving a part of the presentation behind. However, once you add audio or videos assets to a PowerPoint slide via the Presenter tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon, those assets aren’t embedded into the presentation. Instead, Presenter creates a thư mục that houses those assets every time you save sầu. Should you forget to include the assets thư mục when you sover the PowerPoint presentation to a colleague, the person opening the presentation will receive alert messages about missing files as Presenter attempts to lớn load the assets.

When you package a Presenter project, everything a developer needs to open the project is included in the package (except for the actual Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter software). A developer simply needs khổng lồ double-cliông chồng the prpkilogam tệp tin they receive from you lớn extract all of the project assets into lớn a self-contained thư mục.

To create a Package, from the Adobe Presenter tab, Presentation group, cliông xã the Package tool.


Cliông chồng the Browse button (the three dots) and select a thư mục for the package.


Cliông chồng the Pack button và you’re done. As mentioned above, the prpkg file contains everything a fellow developer needs to lớn make changes to the project (assuming they have both PowerPoint & Presenter installed).


***My “Adobe Presenter 11: The Essentials” skills & drills workbook is available now on And if you are looking khổng lồ learn all things eLearning, check out these live, online and awesomely interactive classes


Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTPhường., is the founder & president of IconLogic. Following a career in Public Affairs with the U.S. Coast Guard và in private industry, Kevin has spent decades as a technical communicator, classroom và online trainer, public speaker, & has written hundreds of computer training books for adult learners. He has been recognized by Adobe as one of the top trainers world-wide.

Big congrats to lớn Kevin Siegel & Jennie Ruby, for the recent publication of his their new book on Presenter 11. If Kevin’s name sounds familiar, you may recognize him from his acclaimed project estimation tool – a very cool widget that let’s you calculate / project project costs for eLearning.

This book covers Presenter 11 in solid detail. It approaches the material topically, providing a solid foundation in everything from audio to lớn video and nicely includes quizzing & reporting alongside interactive sầu smart learning components. You can kiểm tra out the book at the links below.

Congrats again, Kevin & Jennie.

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Adobe Presenter 11.1 is now available
Posted on September 4, 2017 by Akstuyệt Bharadwaj